Chief Hahn Lobbies for Resources in Washington

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WASHINGTON -- Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn is part of Sacramento's Capitol-to-Capitol delegation, lobbying for more federal support for city services.

"The federal government is so important to our local jurisdictions in terms of funding and different programs that they have had or that we need," Hahn said.

One of those needs is providing Sacramento police officers the tools needed when it comes to mental health.

"Because we deal with that on the street every single day, and we are really the point of entry in a lot of places, a lot of times it is critical that we get better at dealing with that," Hahn said.

He also talked about staffing in a recent city council meeting about police policy and procedure following the shooting death of Stephon Clark. Chief Hahn was asked by members about staffing levels in the department.

He admits staffing has dropped over the past decade but emphasizes the need to really nail down the specific jobs that are vital, like officers who specialize in mental health or adding more social workers.

"My commitment to our community and our council is, when we add staffing back, we are very specific in what that staffing is and what the need is, as opposed to just in general adding officers," Hahn said.

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