City Approaches Riverbank Resident after Neighbor Complains About Skate Ramp

RIVERBANK -- Homeowner Ken Hoyt, who is a big believer in enjoying the great outdoors with his kids, built a ramp about seven years ago at his Riverbank home.

He says no neighbors spoke to him about the noise, not one peep from anyone about any potential problems.

"And most of the time it’s my little girls who are out here with me and they’re 2 and 4. And they might sit up here but they’re not peering in, they’re not looking in," Hoyt told FOX40.

That is until last year, when of his neighbors on Blacksand Creek filed letter after letter with the city, claiming the noise from the ramp was a menace. The letters said skaters were using the ramp to peer into his property.

He also complained Hoyt has been building skate ramps then selling them online.

Neighbor Sabi Kaur, who can see the ramp from her own bedroom, feels differently.

"He’s a good neighbor, yeah. He’s quiet. My kids and his kids they always play, so we are fine," Kaur said.

Other neighbors seem to not mind.

“I don’t see them playing there," said neighbor Jasma. "I don’t have any problem because [I'm] a little bit far away."

FOX40 tried to speak to the man who lives just next door to Hoyt. He said "not interested."

The complaints have led city leaders to take action on at least one concern. Hoyt is no longer allowed to sell new skate ramps from his home, but the ramp stays.

"A little sad because it was fun to build these ramps for these kids," he said.

As for his relationship with his neighbor, Hoyt doesn’t think they’ll break bread any time soon.

“I don’t want my girls to grow up with a neighbor that is behaving that way," Hoyt told FOX40.

A city official says Hoyt can only sell skate ramps as a hobby. When FOX40 asked for clarification they said he has to clear it with city staff members before he can sell “used” skate ramps.