Demonstrators, Some from Northern California, Protest Syria Strikes Outside White House

WASHINGTON -- While President Trump and members of his administration use terms like "Mission Accomplished" and “Lock and Loaded," anti-war activists are gathering in Washington to protest the latest round of air strikes in Syria.

"We need peace! We don’t need war in our country. We’ve had enough," one protester, a Syrian from Brooklyn, told the crowd.

Saturday night, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, more than two dozen people from all over the country, including California, stood in front of the White House hoping the Commander in Chief hears their criticism.

"We have to talk to people on the ground. The Syrian people understand their needs. We need to open up our borders to Syrian refugees we create," one protester said.

"So I want to tell Trump if you have money for bombs, for guns, you can spend money on health, you spend money on peace," another said.

"He’s now starting to attack Syria, which he ran against Hillary, saying, 'I will not go to war. I will get us out of wars,'" Tania Singh, of Riverside County, told FOX40.

Many in the group Saturday were in Washington with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, an organization advocating for policies aligned more with the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren side of the Democratic Party.

Known as the PCCC, it also provides training to candidates looking to run for office — including Tracie Stafford, who’s vying for the job as mayor of Elk Grove.

"This is really about our humanity as a nation, but most especially as a politician, our political leaders have somehow disconnected from the business of people," Stafford said.

She believes this philosophy not only applies to geopolitical issues like Syria but the topic of social injustice in America, especially following the shooting death of Stephon Clark by Sacramento Police.

"To say that you are colorblind for example, that means you don’t see me and if you can’t see me how can you see what I need? How can you govern for me if you don’t have the lens to see what my challenges are? Because they are different as is every cultural challenge," she said.

And they say if the president and other politicians don’t listen to their call for action, they vow to vote them out.