Late Season Snowfall Takes Some by Surprise

It was an afternoon Sierra drive with non-stop snowfall, which not all thought would be there this time of the season.

The snowstorm that came in Sunday up the hill continued into Monday afternoon.

The driving conditions were not the worst but were by no means the safest either. Some cars spun out along Interstate 80.

Wheels weren't the only car part struggling for traction. At the Nyack Shell Gas Station Cody Culwell went to his backup windshield wipers. He said a snowstorm is the perfect time to whip out the extra wipes.

"I always keep a backup set in my car just in case the ones on there get bad and then with this crazy weather it's always good to stay safe out there," Culwell said.

At Boreal the storm was a blessing and a bother. It made it hard to see coming down the runs.

"You can't really see anything coming down so I got useless glasses on," said snowboarder Mike Honcharuk.

Given that Boreal will only be open until next Sunday, a late season snowfall is nothing to ignore.

"It's so worth it, it's fresh powder," said snowboarder Veronika Shevchenko.