Billionaire’s 3 Californias Plan Makes It to Ballot, But Not Everyone is On Board

SACRAMENTO -- Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper said he will turn in enough signatures to place his plan to split California into three states on the November ballot.

Four years ago his initiative to split up California into six states died after many of the 1.3 million signatures he gathered turned out to be invalid.

The measure hasn't won support from State of Jefferson advocates who also want California divided. They are concerned that rural northern counties are underrepresented with most of the population located in more liberal Southern California.

Their own efforts to form a 51st state doesn’t have the deep pockets that Draper possesses. He spent $5 million of his own money on his six Californias plan and apparently has no qualms about spending millions again on his new plan.

Members of the movement do not like the idea that Draper’s plan would lump northern counties with the Bay Area, Silicon Valley and Sacramento.

Draper says he’ll turn in his signatures in next week to a county election office. The secretary of state will then oversee county election offices as they validate signatures gathered in their counties.

Mike Murray, a spokesman for the State of Jefferson movement -- which is separate from Draper's proposal -- issued a statement to FOX40 on Tuesday:

The State of Jefferson in no way supports or endorses the Three State Movement. We stand for representation for the North State to restore Constitutional Rights, Law, Competitive Taxes, and Efficiency. The State of Jefferson would be less than 15% of the ultra-Progressive “Northern California” population under the Three State Movement, thus leaving the 21 Counties of Jefferson under represented, and victim to the same urban politics and politicians that have destroyed California and everything we wish to restore.