Wildlife Officials Say There’s No Evidence of Alligator in Elk Grove Lake

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ELK GROVE -- It certainly has the neighborhood abuzz.

Some neighbors near Elk Grove's Camden Lake say they spotted an alligator in the water last week.

Sharon Anderson, the Camden Neighborhood Association President, saw the alligator herself on Thursday evening and is warning her neighbors to be alert.

"Just kind of stay clear. Keep your eyes open," said Anderson. "When we don't see the ducks and geese in the water, maybe that's an indication that we should be clear of it too."

Neighbor Karen Keeslar says she saw the gator while walking her dog and snapped a photo. Some pointed out the photo's striking similarity to a piece of stock video from Shutterstock.

Still, Keeslar insists her photo is the real deal.

"Like why would anybody make up a joke like that? It’s crazy," she said.

But California Department of Fish & Wildlife officials said Monday that they have found no credible evidence of a gator in Camden Lake.

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