Household DIY Projects with Kathryn Emery

Mae is in the studio with home and lifestyle influencer Kathryn Emery learning how you can be your own plumber and electrician.

Be Your Own Plumber – Not exactly the thing most people want to take on, but, clearing clogs and detecting leaks are two things you can do on your own.
TOILET: For those that have frequent clogs in the toilet, it’s not fun. Well here is a solution that uses force and mass against mass. Johnny Jolter is a plunger that uses force to push items in, instead of pulling them out. No “mystery water” splashed on you. You simply put it below the water line, draw water in, and push to clear the clog.
SINKS: Clearing sinks can be tough. Let’s talk about using heat to actually melt those clogs away. Liquid Heat has a science that actually uses heat when in contact with hot water and melts away whatever is blocking pipes without damaging the actual pipe.
LEAKS: A leak undetected can destroy a home. Introducing a smart leak detection system can help to detect a leak right when it starts and prevent damage to your home. Simply put it behind your toilet and it will send an alert to your phone when a leak starts.Be Your Own Electrician  – You want to change a pendant light or canned light, now you can do it on your own, no need to call an electrician.
Convert your current recessed lighting with an energy-saving LED retrofit kit. It’s bright, and installs easily in minutes. It’s also compliant with new California Energy Commission standards.
Most people don’t know this but in January 2018 due to new regulations from the California Energy Commission (CEC), California is now required to provide light bulbs that save energy, and will save consumers more money in the long run.
First, turn off electricity, then unscrew/remove existing fixture, now find the wires that twist them or plug. There is also a simple screw in option.
The nice thing about these is you get three types of light in the one bulb, so you can get soft white (relaxing), bright white (doing activities) or daylight (reading) all in one light bulb, you can switch this on the bulb itself or with the toggle on the wall.
Want a dimmer or a light that goes on via motion or when it gets dark – no need to call an electrician to switch out the fixture, now these bulbs have that feature built in, switch to dim, dawn to dusk, and motion activated with sensors in the actual light bulbs.