Stevante Clark Booked into Jail on Felony Charges

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- The brother of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old shot and killed by Sacramento police last month, was charged Thursday with criminal threats, felony assault, felony vandalism and abusing the 911 emergency line.

Stevante Clark's mugshot (Credit: Sacramento Police Department)

Close family friend Jamilia Land says Stevante Clark's arrest around 10 a.m. on Acacia Avenue comes after family noticed concerning social media posts.

"A phone call was made to adult protective services stating that he was not safe for himself," Land told FOX40.

Land, who's been a major advocate for Stevante Clark's mental health, acknowledges the charges against him.

She says he did destroy property but added, "Was he in his right mind to be able to make those decisions? No, I believe that he was screaming and crying. It was a desperate plea for help."

Now Land said she's pushing for Clark to be transferred from the Sacramento County Jail to UC Davis Medical Center for a mental health evaluation. FOX40 asked the Sacramento Police Department if there were options other than jail given his state of mind.

"We have been working with other available resources in our area to provide that for him," said Vance Chandler with the police department. "Unfortunately, he hasn't been receptive to it."

Land believes more resources need to be available for families dealing with this type of trauma but is grateful the community stepped up to help. Now she hopes that same community will be understanding during this time.

"Not look at him as a criminal, look at him as someone who has suffered a psychological break due to his brother being murdered," Land said.

According to booking information on the jail's website, Clark is ineligible for bail.