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Earth Day: Going Zero Waste

Paul is in the studio chatting with Kathryn Kellogg about Going Zero Waste and celebrating Earth Day this weekend.

Kathryn's 5 Tips For Reducing Waste

Buy less: By simply consuming less, we can greatly reduce the amount of resources we use and the amount we throw away.

Don't throw you food scraps in the landfill: 20% of Americans methane gas comes from organics unable to decompose in the landfill. Start a compost pile, look for a city collection, or plug-in to a community garden.

Stop paying for trash: Disposable items are expensive in the long run. By switching to cloth rags instead of paper towels can save the avg. American family $300 a year.

Keep it real: Use real plates, real flatware, and cloth napkins. To keep it easy, throw the napkins in the base of the washing machine, when you're done with them. They'll automatically be washed with the next load. We also keep napkins at each person's place setting until they're sufficiently soiled.

Get your green clean on: Making effective homemade cleaners will save you a ton of money, and is totally safe for pets and kids. An all purpose cleaner of one part vinegar and one part water can b used it on everything except marble and granite!