Employee Runs to Safety as Driver Crashes into Cell Phone Store

FOLSOM -- Just before 3 p.m. Sunday, a man drove his truck right through the entrance to Cricket Wireless in Folsom.

The store's manager, Brandon Noble, said he had one employee in the store at the time -- working directly in the path of the oncoming truck.

"He said that he heard the rev of the engine and when he heard the rev of the engine he turned and looked," Noble told FOX40. "When he turned and looked he saw that the window was getting blown down by the big truck and as soon as he heard that, he saw that, he got up and ran out the back door."

Tire marks on the floor of the store show the path the truck took. Apparently, the driver hit the accelerator instead of the breaks multiple times.

"We heard squealing tires and a crash and squealing tires and another really loud crash and kind of a thud," Noble said.

One woman who works nearby told FOX40 her first thought after calling police was the incident may have been a medical emergency.

"So I went in and just asked him, 'Open the door,' and told him, 'Get out of the car,'" she said.

Despite narrowly avoiding the apparent freak accident, the employee left a note for customers saying the store was closed. The manager said he does not expect the store to reopen Monday.

"There's a good chance it could've gotten him if the car didn't turn and he didn't act as quickly as he did," Noble said.