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East Area Rapist: Davis Community Recalls Terror During Summer of 1978

DAVIS -- The summer of 1978 was a horrifying time in history for the idyllic town of Davis, where the already infamous East Area Rapist broke into three homes in one month and sexually assaulted three of his victims.

"It was an interesting thing because I know the victim and her family," Patsy Inouye told FOX40.

Inouye has been friends and neighbors with the victim of his second Davis attack for the 40 years since. In all that time Inouye says, "We didn’t ever really talk about it."

The woman's husband and children were present during the attack.

"So it must be very challenging for them right now," said Yolo County Chief Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Raven.

Now, Raven says that familial DNA submitted to a genealogy website helped detectives finally identify the East Area Rapist suspect, 72-year-old Joseph James DeAngelo.

Raven says the work is far from over at the Yolo County DA’s office. They will review DeAngelo’s DNA, as well as other potential evidence.

"Amazing that they caught him after all this time," Inouye said.