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Parents of Hit-and-Run Victim Disappointed the Suspect Took Two Days to Turn Himself In


SACRAMENTO -- How do you go on living in a world where your daughter just died?

"It’s…a little like dying, yourself," explained Cherie Hann, the mother of a recent hit-and-run victim.

Cherie and Rick Hann are suffering tremendously knowing the hit-and-run driver who killed 47-year-old Ericka Hann Tuesday at El Camino and Grasslands in Sacramento took two days to turn himself in.

"She was left on the side of the road like a wounded animal. I can’t imagine anyone who has that lack of humanity," Cherie Hann said.

Friday, Sacramento police announced that 22-year-old Tyler Rumberger was arrested and charged with manslaughter and hit-and-run.

"I don’t feel it was the start of a conscience. No," Cherie Hann said.

He surrendered Thursday, after police released surveillance photos of his white truck near the intersection.

"I can’t wait to see him face to face in a courtroom. And I’ll say to him what needs to be said to him," Rick Hann.

What needs to be said is that the world is a lot less without Ericka Hann. She had a bachelor’s degree in Kineseology and was finishing her last class for another degree in Mechatronics.

She also turned out to be a talented welder -- finishing countless projects at home and on several home improvement TV shows including "Turf Wars."

She was athletic and went jogging on her lunch break every day; that’s what she was doing when she was hit.

Ericka Hann leaves behind an army of true friends, proud parents and three little dogs who are lost without her.

"[She] touched your life in ways that were meaningful and memorable and you can’t say that about a lot of folks these day. She was truly a good person," Rick Hann said.