Naked Woman Arrested Near Arden Fair Mall after Hourlong Search

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SACRAMENTO -- A naked woman was arrested near Arden Fair Mall Tuesday morning after an hour-long search.

A woman thought she could escape police search dogs by stripping down naked and hiding under a car as it drove away but her plan did not work.

Kyle McKinney was taking his lunch break when he saw several police officers in his office parking lot. It was obvious they were searching for somebody.

"So I get to the end and the cop pulls his gun on me and I was like, 'What the hell?'" McKinney said.

About an hour prior, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department says several deputies were making a traffic stop at Heritage Lane and Response Road, between Cal Expo and the Arden Fair Mall.

"The car pulled over and one of the occupants fled on foot," said Shaun Hampton with the sheriff's department. "Initially, the occupant that fled was described as a black female adult, wearing only pants."

The car was wanted in connection to an attempted assault on an officer in the Bay Area, although the sheriff's department couldn't say which agency.

"Multiple assets were called in to assist based on the significance of this crime. K-9 units were called in as well as air support," Hampton said.

Police eventually tracked her down to a parking lot off River Park Drive, where McKinney works and where dozens of others were watching from their offices in 1545.

The woman was found hiding underneath this truck.

"We started hearing noise from outside like police on their loudspeakers shouting," said witness Matt Brady.

Brady took a cell phone video while his building was placed on lockdown.

"Saw one with his gun drawn, the other with a dog going along the grass up against the side," Brady recalled.

It didn't take long for McKinney to realize why the officer had pulled a gun on him.

"Turns out she was hanging under my car," McKinney said.

He had no idea she was there. Police noticed the suspect's hair hanging from under the McKinney's pickup truck.

"Then I saw them pull her out naked from under the car, put her hands behind her back and arrested her. She was all dusty like she'd been under there awhile," said one witness.

The Sacramento Sheriff's Department reports it's unclear what crimes this suspect will be charged with. They still have to speak with the agency in the Bay Area that put out the communication.

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