Elk Grove Little League Team Devastated after Truck Full of Gear is Stolen

ELK GROVE -- When it comes to games, Laguna Creek baseball doesn't keep score.

But if there was a tally for the last 24 hours, it would be thieves 1, Padres 0.

After Tuesday night's practice, Coach Steve Blanton left gear for his Elk Grove little league team in the bed of his pick-up truck secured with a locking lid.

The truck was stolen, along with the bats and $1,300 in other gear.

"It was so sad," Muneeza Faridi, whose son Humza plays on the team, told FOX40. "I mean, we just couldn't believe it."

The truck itself is a collector's item -- a 2006 Dale Earnhardt 1500 SS Intimidator.

"They only made 993 trucks in the world and this is number 887 out of the production," Blanton said.

The Blantons have surveillance cameras watching their property, but while the cameras caught the officer coming to take their theft report, they missed the thieves -- who also slashed tires on another family car parked in front of their house.

"At this point, I do not think (the truck) is going to come back to me because of the rarity of the vehicle but I would like for the equipment to come back to me," Blanton said. "They know where I live. If they can just drop it off and throw it on to my yard tonight or tomorrow morning before I get up then I would like to have the equipment back. We have a game tomorrow night."