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Possible Connected Flashing Incidents Troubles Orangevale, Citrus Heights Residents

ORANGEVALE -- Denise Botha still can’t get over what happened on Sunday.

Her security camera shows her taking her dog out when she saw this pickup truck make a U-turn at the house on Cross Street and Woodmore Oaks Drive. At first, she thought the man inside wanted to ask about a trailer out front that is for sale.

"I thought he was going to ask about the trailer and he says, 'Will you help me?' Botha said.

When she approached he exposed himself and touching himself.

The next day, Citrus Heights police got a report from another woman on Mariposa Avenue the encountered a similar truck with a white male, brown hair in his 30’s inside.

Investigators are now trying to see if there’s a link between the two incidents.

Neighbors like Sandra Espino are fearful.

"This could happen to girls going down the street going home," she said. "There’s a 7-Eleven down the street around the corner and several kids come walking through here."

Lewd behavior is normally a misdemeanor because there is usually no physical violence involved, but there is harm.

"I’m waking up in the middle of the night crying and I don’t know," Botha said.

On everyone’s mind is the East Area Rapist, who was active in this very area. Investigators say minor sex crimes can lead to more.

"I’m afraid this guy’s going to escalate," Botha said. "If he doesn’t get what he wants, he’s going to escalate and somebody’s going to get hurt."

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and the Citrus Heights Police Department both say that's why they are taking this case seriously.