Stockton Collectibles Store Closes Earlier Than Planned after Violent Robbery

STOCKTON -- JNA Collectibles in Stockton is closing its doors after an armed robbery Tuesday afternoon turned into an assault on one of the owners.

Andrew Lawson has run the store with his dad for eight years and was behind the counter when he says the three men held him at gunpoint before destroying the counter.

"I got even more mad. I was like, 'Dude, you just broke my cabinet,' then they got up in my face and kept yelling at me and I told them, 'You’re not taking my laptop, you’re not taking anything. Get the hell out," he said.

Andrew has some bruises on his face from taking punches from the three men. Still, he was not afraid that the violence could have escalated to a deadly shooting.

"It's kind of sick thinking this, but I always thought that was going to happen one day and I was going to be dead," Andrew said. "I thought that was the day and I was like, 'You know what? I'm cool with it. I’ve lived a pretty good 23 years, I’ve had enough experience.' I was prepared."

Police say the robbers took off with the laptop and some cash, but what they left behind is what is most upsetting to Andrew's father Joshua.

"If you’re going to rob me, just come in and rob me. Take the money and leave. There was no need to jump on my kid and beat him up, no need at all," Joshua said. "It just shows what type of cowards these guys are."

JNA Collectibles was set to close its doors Saturday before they move to Buckeye Appliances and Antiques, another store Lawson owns down the street, but because of the robbery, they have decided to close now.

"It's going to be a fresh start for us and we always wanted to expand and get bigger because we have more stuff we can bring out for people. So I’m just hoping this is going to be a whole new good start to it. This didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but it’s a new beginning for us," Joshua said.

The new location will open May 20.

While they are ready for a fresh start, the Lawsons are not fully ready to leave the past behind.

"I've been in this neighborhood a long time, so these people that did it haven’t been and they are not going to get away with this because this is my neighborhood and this is my town," Joshua said. "There’s too many good people here and I’m not letting these punks get away with stuff like this."