Camera Captures Arnold Man’s Close Encounter with Bear

ARNOLD -- Dave Ellison had a very close encounter with a bear last Saturday outside his home in Arnold.

Video from Ellison's home surveillance camera shows him walk out of frame, and the bear appears a split second later. The encounter plays out like a well-rehearsed sitcom.

"My first thought was, 'Holy crap, what am I going to do?'" Ellison said.

The bear, likely not very old, noticed Ellison first and quickly scurried behind a tree. Ellison wasn't sure what he saw at first.

"I heard a noise and I looked up and I thought it was my dog," he said.

Clearly curious about Ellison, the bear then peaks around from behind the tree as Ellison slowly steps away.

"I can't walk I definitely can't run so they always say, and through my own experience, just stay calm and do your own thing, they usually go," Ellison told FOX40.

Others in the area say they are definitely concerned about the bears -- not just for their own safety but for the bears, as well.