Poll: Would You Vote In Favor of Rent Control?

TELL US: Would you vote in favor of rent control?

There is currently an effort to get rent control on the ballot in November.

Supporters behind the repeal of the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act have until June 3 to get enough signatures to allow voters to decide on rent control.

The Costa-Hawkins Act is a 20-year-old statewide law which prohibits setting a cap on rent for buildings constructed after 1995, as well as on stand-alone, single-family homes.

If repealed, cities and counties would have the power to set limits on rent increases.

Those behind the repeal want local officials to have greater power over how high rental prices could go.

This isn’t the first time rent control activists have tried to do away with the Costa-Hawkins Act.

Just this past January, a proposal that would have done away with the law failed to advance after members in the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee chose not to support it.