Grandma, Ride Sharing Played a Big Role at the First ‘Cannabis Cup’ at Cal Expo

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SACRAMENTO -- Cal Expo hosted the first Cannabis Cup Friday. The two-day event featured many artists and activities but for a local grandmother, safety was the highest concern.

There is Uber, Lyft and there's grandma.

Susan Tenorio wanted to make sure her grand kids got to and from the first licensed recreational cannabis event in the county; Cannabis Cup.

" When I pulled up in front, I felt like walking them all the way over, after all, I am grandma," said Tenorio.

Tenorio did her research on the historic event at Cal Expo and wanted to be part of the special moment, even if it's just from the driver's seat.

"They're really excited. I couldn't believe it but I was actually feeling excited driving them to the cannabis cup for heavens sake," said Tenorio.

For those who didn't have a sweet grandma to ask for a lift, ride share companies lined up in front with a constant flow of pick ups and drop offs.

"I didn't realize it was such a big event ," said Lyft and Uber driver, Brittany Ross.

The event is huge. One where vendors can sell pot and customers can use it recreationally as long as they're at least 21-years-old.

You shouldn't drive under the influence.

"I either get a ride home or a Lyft or call a friend," said attendee, Miguel Cosino.

Ride share driver's say they've only run into one problem.

"People would prefer we would pick them up closer to the event but of course [there] is a designated area," said Lyft driver, Alisa Jackson.

Regardless of how far the walk is, getting a ride is always a better idea than getting behind the wheel.

Especially if grandma is willing to help.

"We don't have to worry about a thing," said Alicia McQueen, Tenorio's granddaughter.

Angelique McQueen agreed with her sister and added, "yeah, safe and sound."


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