Stockton Police Anticipate Illegal Weekend Sideshows, Increase Enforcement

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STOCKTON -- The frustrating aftermath of a Cinco de Mayo celebration gone wrong in 2016 -- red and blue lights flooding Martin Luther King Boulevard, cops in riot gear -- is something the Stockton Police Department wants to avoid.

"I don't even pay attention because I stay away from that stuff," neighbor Linda Fong said. "I'm too old for that."

Now, neighbors and business owners are either trying to stay away -- or stop illegal sideshows before they even begin.

"And we’ve actually received numerous complaints from businesses and also people in the neighborhoods," Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva said.

This year, the City of Stockton has a new sideshow task force. So far, officers have arrested two people accused of organizing an event in March called Donut King.

Silva says business owners are also upset. These sideshows — which have taken place in area parking lots — create huge headaches for them and shoppers.

"Creating problems where their customers or their clients can’t get in to conduct business, so that’s going to to be a focus this weekend," Silva said.

Officers say drivers have in the past turned violent on officers and patrol cars, and it only takes one slip on the wheel before a stunt turns dangerous.

"These drivers aren’t professional drivers," Silva said. "They'll spin their vehicles sometimes striking people that are watching."

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