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Cannabis Cup Day 2: Attendees Happy Sacramento is Being ‘Friendly’ Towards the Industry

SACRAMENTO -- Lord knows it’s not the first time somebody got high at a concert. But this is the first time, under California law it has ever been legal to buy pot, and smoke pot without a prescription all in the same place -- on the California State fair grounds, no less.

“It’s coming more into the light and not being clandestine really- off in some warehouse. It’s here, at the Cal Expo," said Banana Mike from Los Angeles.

Banana Mike says he traveled up from Los Angeles to attend the Cannabis Cup this weekend. He says the event’s high profile gives legitimacy to the fledgling, if burgeoning, recreational pot industry.

“I’ll be honest I was a little surprised to see an event of this size in the Capitol," Said Banana Mike.

But before organizers could get their state permit for the event, the first one ever issued, they had to get the City of Sacramento to sign off. That was not without controversy but in the end, in a six to two vote, City Counsel gave its approval.

“It’s helps show that the City of Sacramento is a very forward thinking city,” said Maxx Abramowitz with High Times.

The city figures it will make $200,000  in tax revenue from pot sales at the Cannabis Cup.

But perhaps more lucrative in the long run will be the fact that it enhances Sacramento’s image Statewide as a place friendly to the Cannabis industry.

“I think it does. It is really in a unique area for Cannabis. It’s something that, now that we have legalization, is really coming out of the dark and showing that Sacramento really is the center of the industry," said Greg Palmer form Santa Cruz.

A puffed up profile on pot; with the crowds of people who have been wanting it to become legal, who have been waiting, all this time, to exhale.