Woman Rear-Ended After Man Was Shot While Driving

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UPDATE: The shooting victim has died, according to the Sacramento Police Department. His identity will be released after his next of kin has been notified.  

SACRAMENTO  -- At first glance a scene along  Sacramento's Meadowview Road looks like just a nasty fender-bender.

"I just heard two bang-bang noises that's it.  I didn't know, think about...shooting or anything like that. I just knew somebody hit me.  That's all I know," said Nazbun Islam.

Islam couldn't believe the man she had been rear-ended by while on the way to work actually only hit her after he had been shot.

"So I don't' know who opened the door...or if the guy opened the door... but he fell over. That's what I know and I saw just the blood all over and I couldn't see this and I turned by face around," said Islam.

Her husband left the house just after her and was five cars back in traffic when he realized something was very wrong.

He parked his car along the street but left it running and just ran to her.

"When I go... I see the guy down...on the ground...the cement and he was screaming. And I just walked sideways like this and I see her and I asked her 'are you hurt' and she said 'no'," said Mohammed Islam.

Neither Mohammed nor his wife saw anyone running or speeding away from this scene, but it appears the gunman fired at least three shots into a black Ford Focus.

Their trajectory seems to have just missed a car seat strapped into the back.

Nazbun saw a small boy and girl pulled out of the Focus by the same construction workers who rushed over and dialed 9-1-1 right after the shooting.

"I was so nervous," she sighed.

The shooter who narrowly missed those children, left the man driving them with severe wounds and in critical condition, according to police.

"Right between the shoulder blades... that one was very bad.....looked around and he's screaming," said Mohammed.

Volunteers from the crisis response coalition 'Live Free' came to the scene to offer support to any one touched by this, the latest act of violence in the Meadowview neighborhood.

Just six weeks after the police killing of Stephon Clark just a few blocks away, they say something has to change.

"Lay down the guns. Lay'em down. You got plenty of mommas hurting. There's gonna be another family broken up today...because of another senseless drive by shooting," said Allegra Taylor.

Officers have not confirmed that this incident was a drive-by.

The gunman or gunmen may have approached and  fled on foot.

The shooting happened at 1:20pm Friday and eight hours into the investigation, police had yet to release any suspect description.

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