Students Leave Prom to Find Their Cars Broken Into, ‘Personal’ Items Missing

STOCKTON -- Seniors at a Stockton high school celebrated their prom last night, but it was what happened after the party ended that made the night one to remember.

Students of Stockton Collegiate Institute found several cars broken into as they were leaving prom around 10 p.m. last night.

Five cars in all were broken into and items from the cars were thrown on the ground, putting a damper to a night the students had been looking forward to all year.

Senior prom is supposed to be unforgettable, the dressing up, the dancing, the music… But for seniors at Stockton Collegiate Institute, Saturday’s senior prom will be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

As two friends recalled the events, senior, Abigail Fredrickson said, “towards the end of the night, as the last song is playing, we decided to get out before everyone else was. I think you went with Jayden, and we were close behind, and they come back running towards us saying your window is busted.”

The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office says five cars were broken into. Clothes laid on the ground near several of the cars, with ID’s, cash and credit cards among the items stolen in the parking lot of a winery in Lodi, the prom venue. But one stolen item left everyone frightened.

“They took all of our underwear,” said Fredrickson.

Senior, DeAngela Barnes, says the stolen underwear “was the most disturbing part.”

“Everyone was shook up about the windows, but then everyone was like where’s our underwear. Everyone was like do you have everything? Shirts, pants and then underwear was gone. Everyone just froze and were shook up about it,” said Barnes.

The students say some of the cars were teachers’ cars, and with only 40 students in the senior class, the impact of a few cars being hit affected everyone.

“It just feels violating. Personally, none of my stuff was gone but seeing my friends like that all at the same time and in that setting makes you think about what’s most important,” said Barnes.

Though items were taken, the students said they are glad no one walked out while the thefts were happening.

“There was a crowbar, you could easily hurt somebody really bad with that. I think that’s what bothers me about it. Anyone could have walked out there, by themselves, or even two people. No one heard the windows being shattered so why would they hear someone, you know what I mean?” said Barnes.

It is a prom night they say they will never forget, and sadly, it’s not for what happened on the dance floor.

The winery said they had never had break-ins before and they host events year-round. As for the students, they begin finals tomorrow, so their last chance for fun this school year was definitely spoiled.