Woman’s Death has Oakdale Neighborhood in Shock

OAKDALE -- Horseshoe Road in Oakdale is known as quiet and peaceful, but that was shattered on May 1 when Aimee Eddington-Crawford was found dead inside her home.

"It shattered our serenity," neighbor Gail Altieri said.

Those who knew Eddington-Crawford say the 40-year-old mother was loving, caring and creative. The life of the party.

On Monday, investigators named 54-year-old William Schendel as the person suspected in Eddington-Crawford's murder. Schendel did not appear in court Monday for his first hearing. The judge said he had been hospitalized after a car crash.

It's unclear if Schendel and Eddington-Crawford knew each other.

"News like this travels like wildfire and having something like this happen out here is something so horrific," Altieri told FOX40.

For a community so small and closely-knit, Eddington-Crawford's death has neighbors reaching out to one another.

"The loss is overwhelming for you and your family but know that the neighborhood is, every single one of us is here for you," Altieri said.

Schendel is expected to appear in court later this week.