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Couple Confronts Attempted Kidnapping Suspect at North Sacramento Market

SACRAMENTO -- For one terrifying encounter on Sunday afternoon outside of the Rainbow Neighborhood Market along Marysville Boulevard, Manny Cota believes fate put him in the right place at the right time.

He and his wife, Cryssa, encountered a 9-year-old girl moments after she reportedly was forced into a vehicle, then escaped on her own.

"She was in tears. She was so terrified. And she just held onto me when she was crying," Cryssa Cota said.

The suspected kidnapper was still in the parking lot when Manny Cota confronted her and shot the encounter on video.

"SoI'mm like, 'Are you her family member? Are you related to her? No. Then what are you doing scaring this little girl?'" Manny Cota said. 'I effed up,' is what she said, right?"

The woman took off but was arrested a short time later. A man believed to be working with her was also arrested. Police did not release any information about either one.

The Cotas were just grateful they were there to help the girl, and says they were proud of the girl's bravery in getting free from her alleged kidnapper.

"She fought her way out of there. She's a little champion for that," Cota said. :I'm so proud of her."