Elk Grove City Manager Catches Heat Over Civic Center Naming

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ELK GROVE -- Growing online chatter in the city of Elk Grove indicates part of the naming process for that an under construction civic center complex has raised community ire and may lead to the person who opted for it being out of a job.

"I think they should be fired," said resident Janet Dawson.

That's what the Elk Grove Laguna News is reporting will happen to city manager Laura Gill at Wednesday's council meeting, based largely on her decision to pay a consultant $38,000 to make up the moniker for the facility - an amount albeit within her purview to spend without outside approval.

"Why don't they ask the people that are gonna go to the park and are gonna go there what they want it called?" Fran Silva asked.

And that's exactly what city leaders did back in January after the $38,000 was paid and a winning name didn't seem to be in the suggestions.

As the center grows into its final shape, it's still doing so without a name.

Tuesday, city staff would not speak about the possible termination of Gill who, under Elk Grove's "weak mayor" system, has been responsible for running the city and implementing the council's policies since 2008.

Council members also declined comment, several saying via email that this is a confidential personnel matter and that no formal action has been taken as of yet.

That's not stopping the voters of Elk Grove from weighing in about city leadership across the board - a group some say needs to get focused on what's really important around town.

"I just think that's ridiculous. They could use that money for a lot of more things around here, especially like our streets. All the potholes we have," Dawson said. "You know, there's a lot of other things they could have spent that money on. I just think that's ridiculous."

Before any question arose about her employment, Laura Gill was already scheduled to be on vacation this week.

FOX40's attempts to reach her went unanswered.

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