Natomas Kindergarten Teacher Surprised with Flowers, Teacher of the Year Nomination

NATOMAS -- Everyone has had a teacher that inspired them or helped shape them into who they are.

Jennifer Jones has been teaching in Natomas for 14 years but this year, her colleagues nominated her for teacher of the year at Witter Elementary School.

"It makes me feel awesome, very appreciated," Jones said. "I've always wanted to be a teacher. I've always liked to watch children grow and see how much they can learn in a year and make a difference in life."

Principal Patrick Birdsong says it's not just her work inside the classroom that sets Jones apart, but her commitment to the school community.

"Mrs. Jones serves as our PTA president. She also serves as like our school culture liaison. So she's got her hat in everything-- every assembly. Every special event that happens at the school," Birdsong said. "Every parent night that she's always there. She's organizing, getting volunteers. And so a lot of things that happen at our school wouldn't take place without the support of Jennifer Jones."