Family of Man Involved in Fatal Crash on Cap City Freeway Remembers His Kindness

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SACRAMENTO -- Inside a Sacramento home, just beyond the front door, is where an 85-year-old woman wept, early this morning.

“That was bad. They said that was the worst wreck they had in Sacramento,” said Larcell Johnson.

Larcell saw her son’s car on the news. Recognized it out there - upside down and folded in half on the Cap City Freeway. A splintered power pole resting on top of it.

“I’m glad I got to see it.” She called him Arkie. “I’m glad I got to see it,” said Larcell.

The man who died behind the wheel: her six-foot-eight, 58-year-old son, Arthur Eugene Johnson.

He was a father, a caregiver to an elderly man, and a friend to literally hundreds of people in Sacramento and East Palo Alto.

“I hope that he didn’t suffer. I really do,” said Paula, Arkie’s sister.

Paula says last night, he got into an argument with his long-time girlfriend. Arkie left the house emotional.

“Yeah, they had gotten into it and he left. He was trying to make it back home. And he never made it back home,” said Paula.

She says he was driving back to his girlfriend and daughter when he crashed.

CHP says speed was likely a factor, that the car flew off the freeway and severed a power pole off its base.

“It’s hard on a mother to lose her child, right before Mother’s Day. I can’t even imagine what my mom is going through,” Paula said.

“Yeah, my heart is hurting. I’m hurting,” Larcell expressed. “He was a good boy. He always helped me,” she said.

Arthur "Arkie" Johnson

Arkie’s family says before he had this car he would ride a bike, long distance to come check on his mother.

They say that he had a big heart, and a big presence in this world.

“You have a grace and a poise about you where people accept you and everybody wants to be around you. He had that in his inner spirit,” Paula stated.

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