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Family Still Searching for Missing Veteran

GRASS VALLEY -- Stan Norman was last seen April 15th in Grass Valley. Nearly one month later, he is still MIA but the family is not losing hope.

We’re all hoping for a happy ending in this missing person case. Stan’s son tells FOX40 he talked to his dad regularly and it is unlike him to be out of contact with family. His son says their focus is to find Stan and bring him home.

Through tears, Kamalama Kaluhiokalani, Stan’s son said, “I just miss the big guy.”

Kaluhiokalani just wants to know where his dad, Stan Norman is.

A missing persons case the Nevada county Sheriff's Office now calls suspicious.

It's the unknown that scares Kaluhiokalani the most.

“That's been keeping me up at night,” said Kaluhiokalani.

It's really hard for Kaluhiokalani to talk about and think about.

“I can’t really sleep,” Kaluhiokalani expressed.

But he pushes through the emotions because he needs his dad's story out there.

“It's just unreal this would happen to him,” said Kaluhiokalani.

The Nevada county sheriff's office says early that morning Stan was at a home near the Stagecoach motel in Grass Valley.

Cell phone records show the army vet may have gone toward Colfax, but his phone was disconnected on April 16th, according to investigators.

His car was found May 4th in the Chalk Bluff/Red Dog area of Nevada county.

“I don't know if any of his personal belongings were in there,” stated Kaluhiokalani.

But still, no sign of Stan or his dog Coco who is believed to be with him.

Dozens of search and rescue volunteers spent countless hours scouring different spots for clues. The most recent search wrapped Tuesday with no new leads.

“It's been a roller coaster of emotions flying here and there,” said Kaluhiokalani.

Family clings to the hope that they will be reunited with the 70-year-old, but it has not been easy.

“Trying to keep it together when it's really hard to,” said Kaluhiokalani.

A vigil will be held for Stan May 18th at 8p.m. at the veteran memorial area of Memorial Park in Grass Valley. A Go Fund Me account is set up to help with future search efforts as well as a reward for information in his disappearance.