Firefighter Battles Blaze in His Own Home

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JACKSON -- A volunteer firefighter from the city of Jackson spent Wednesday evening battling a blaze in his own home.

If it were not for a partially charred bedroom door and red caution tape, you may not know what took place just before 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

“Yeah, they lost a lot in the fire. It's pretty hard for them,” said Liberty Rainwater, a neighbor.

Most of the fire's damage was inside the apartment.

What started in the bedroom quickly moved through the rest of the apartment.

“Right now, I think they are just going between their parent’s house and waiting; trying to find a place for them to live until their apartment gets fixed,” said Rainwater.

Just before all of this, only five minutes up the road, a volunteer firefighter who was working his other job as a security guard at Jackson Rancheria, got the call that he probably never thought he would get.

His home was on fire.

The firefighter, who did not want to be identified, did what he has been doing for years; making sure everyone, in this case, his wife and two kids were out safely. Then, he went back inside to put the fire out.

The home though, is no longer livable for him and his family and most of their possessions were lost in the blaze.

“A lot of it they lost to smoke damage. It wasn't just the fire, the smoke damage is what did a lot of it,” said Rainwater.>

The fire department here in Jackson, station 132, began asking for clothing and toy donations for the two young children, ages three and five.

They set up bins and are hopeful the community will respond just as the brave firefighter who lost his home as done many times in the past.

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