Good Samaritan Speaks Out for the First Time about Life after Losing Her Legs

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TURLOCK -- A good Samaritan lost her legs in December after being hit by a car while trying to help a woman move her stalled car off the road.

Cracked ribs, a broken collarbone and arm, internal injuries, and two severed legs. On the night of Dec. 7 Lindsay Shabazian’s life was drastically changed.

Unfortunately, I was awake for the whole thing, so I remember all of it,” Shabazian said.

After getting out of the car to help a woman move her stalled car near Highlands High School in Sacramento, Shabazian found herself pinned after another vehicle ran into her.

“They jacked the car up to try to get me out and the jack broke and luckily the car fell back on top of me, as much as it hurt, because I would have bled out,” Shabazian said.

Nearly two months in the hospital followed before Shabazian and her two kids moved back to Turlock with her parents, Penny and Charles. Now, as Shabazian begins the process of getting prosthetics at Thrive in Sacramento, she says the biggest change has been her loss of independence.

“You appreciate what you had and you fight for what you want. Depending on how much of a fight you have in you, that is going to determine where you are going to end up," Shabazian said.

Shabazian has been proven to have a lot of fight. When told it could take eight to 12 months to start walking, she did it in under four months and surprised her 5-year-old daughter when she walked at her superhero themed birthday party a few weeks ago.

She totally did a 180 and was a stop freeze, and she was totally blown away,” Shabazian said.

Shabazian and her parents have found support through the community’s prayers and others who have also lost limbs, but more than anything, they have found strength through their faith in God.

“I just think back and thank God he didn’t take her from me. I still have her,” said Shabazian’s mother.

Shbazian added to her mom's statement by saying, “The only thing I’ve said is, 'Show me your way. What is it that you want from this? Let my story touch someone that is in need, shine a light where it needs to be shined.'"

Shabazian says her Facebook has been filled with messages from people telling her how much she’s inspired them.

"You can’t take who you are out of you," Shabazian said. "Yeah, I lost my legs, but my intention of helping someone else was what it was. There wasn’t a thought in my head that anything was going to happen to me."

Shabazian says there is only one thing that she would change from that night

“I would change my 5-year-old seeing it because, out of everything, that hurts the most and you can’t change that,” Shabazian said.

The challenge is far from over for Shabazian but she knows faith and her mindset will prove stronger than doubt.

"You can either be positive about it or you can be, 'Poor me.' I’m not 'poor me,' I don’t have time to be 'poor me,'" Shabazian said. "That is not in my book, my vocabulary. I have to keep pushing every day."

Shabazian is set to start therapy later this month.

There was a GoFundMe but as of 8/03/2018 donations can only be sent to:

Penny Shabazian
P.O. Box 1986, Turlock, CA 95381
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