Long Island Police Rescue 14 Ducklings from Storm Drain

Long Island, NY (WPIX) — Fourteen ducklings were rescued by Suffolk County Police after they fell into a storm drain on Long Island Sunday morning.

It happened around 9:20 a.m. when authorities received a 911 report about several ducklings that fell into a storm drain and the mother duck was waiting nearby in front of Napa Auto Parts in Bay Shore.

Suffolk County Police officers rescued 14 ducklings that fell into a storm drain in Bay Shore on May 13, 2018.

Officers Jack Ward and Joseph Bianco responded and removed the grate covering the drain and were able to grab four ducklings, police said.

The others retreated into the tunnel, becoming unreachable, according to police.

Another officer responded to the scene and downloaded a duck-calling app, which attracted the ducklings to the sound, coming back into reach, said authorities.

All but one of the remaining ducklings were retrieved.

Another officer arrived and retrieved the last duckling with a net, said police

All 14 ducklings were reunited with the mother duck.