Sonoma Gas Station Employee Shoots, Injures Deputy

SONOMA — A Sonoma gas station employee, who was armed while on the job, was arrested Sunday after shooting a deputy.

The manager of the Jolly Washer gas station on Highway 12 called police saying his employee was acting strangely and had a BB gun. He was also asked to go home but refused.

When two Sonoma Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the gas station they spotted the 19-year-old employee, who pulled out a handgun and shot at them. One of the deputies returned fire as the suspect hid behind a pickup truck.

A deputy was hit by one of the employee’s bullets, also known as snake shot or rat-shot. Several pellets from the bullet injured the deputy.

After the 19-year-old’s gun jammed he was arrested.

The sheriff’s office reports the injured deputy is in good condition at a hospital and is expected to survive.