Suspects Break into Sacramento Liquor Store Through Its Ventilation System

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SACRAMENTO -- Two burglary suspects were caught on camera Saturday using a Sacramento liquor store's ventilation system to break in.

"They were wearing masks and gloves. They were kind of professionals," said Mike Marshal.

As the owner of  Express Stop Liquors for the past 20 years, Marshal said he's never experienced anything quite like what happened early Saturday morning.

"They cleaned us out," he said. "It was a big hit."

Just before 5:30 a.m., Marshal says two men broke into his Julliard Drive store, stealing money and thousands of dollars of alcohol, cigarettes and all of his lottery scratchers.

The Sacramento Police Department said so far there have been no arrests.

When the store is closed, like it was during the burglary, metal bars make getting in through the front entrance nearly impossible. So the suspected crooks went up top.

Marshal says the thieves pried open the top of his ventilation system then came in through the air duct.

"They were able the destroy it. They broke it and it took them 10 minutes," he told FOX40.

In the security video it almost looks like its snowing inside with the debris coming down.

Another video shows what Marshal believes is the getaway truck, with another person waiting as the driver. "You see them carrying bags of stuff, loading it in the truck."

Because of their precision Marshal thinks the men may have been customers, which means he'll be extra suspicious with every face he sees entering his store from now on.

"Every customer that comes in I keep watching," he said.

The owner also said he's put up metal guards inside of the air duct to make sure this doesn't happen again.

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