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DA Will Not File Charges Against Man who Left Car Idling

SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento County District Attorney's office says it will not be filing charges against a man who was arrested May 4 for leaving his car idling in a 7-Eleven store parking lot and resisting arrest.

Craig Williams was originally accused of violating a city code that states that drivers must "stop [their] engine, lock the ignition and remove the ignition key from the vehicle" if they want to leave a car in a parking lot.

According to the DA's office, Williams also did not provide the officer with his identification.

"Based upon the facts presented, we have declined to file charges in the interests of justice," the DA's office wrote in their statement.

As seen in a surveillance video's timecode, around one minute after Williams leaves his car running an officer approaches it, reaches inside and turns it off.

After Williams left the store and questioned the officer, he was eventually forced to the ground and arrested. The entire exchange was recorded by the officer's body camera and videos were released by the Sacramento Police Department five days later.

The Greater Sacramento NAACP said the 40-year-old should have been issued a warning or given a ticket.