Lodi Man Killed in Front of Home

LODI -- Police are investigating a deadly shooting on North Sacramento Street in Lodi.

"I just think he was at the wrong place at the wrong time," Isabel Ignacio, the victim's sister, told FOX40. "Three guys came up and asked him if he banged and he doesn't. He was trying to tell them, 'No, we don't. My little brother and sisters are here. Not here. Not here.' And they shot him."

She describes three men in all black clothing shooting toward her house. One of the bullets came through the front window.

"I was doing homework in the living room. My daughter was there, his niece and his nephew. It was really scary," Isabel Ignacio said.

Rodrigo Ignacio was the oldest of 12 siblings and said to be the protector of his family. His sister insists he was not affiliated with a gang.

"He protected his family. That's what he was about. He loved to dance, sing," Isabel said. "He loved music. His favorite rapper was Tupac. That's why he always wore this bandana. And he was just a very great kind hearted, big-hearted person."

The sidewalk in front of the home was stained Wednesday morning, a reminder to Ignacio's family that his killers are still on the loose.

Tuesday's shooting was Lodi's second homicide in the last five days and the city's third since the beginning of the year.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact the Lodi Police Department.