Veterans Find Care, Company at Placer County Nonprofit’s Event

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ROSEVILLE -- From 1975 to 1985, Clarence Murray Jr. served in the United States Army but after his time in the service, Murray had a tough time.

"I was homeless for 10 to 12 years," Murray told FOX40.

Murray said the biggest difficulty for him was actually finding services available to him. The veteran is now in housing and is volunteering at Placer County Stand Down, as well as taking advantage of the services.

"I need a little dental work, a little dental restoration," he said.

"The biggest demand item that most of our veterans need is dental care," said Robert Hipwell, a retired general. "So we are able, through our community support and donations, have 16 tables."

The help doesn't end with fixing a smile. Veterans are treated to new glasses, medical treatment, food, clothing and overnight care.

Michael Moore, a nine-year Marine Corps veteran, said he enjoyed staying the night with his fellow serviceman and sharing stories about their time in the military.

"The services are great. Just checking up with old veterans again and last night we were talking about boot camp and stuff," Moore said.

Every one of the volunteers gives their time and skills to the servicemen, free of charge. It's their way of giving help to those who sacrifice for them.

"VA's aren't as efficient as we like it," Hipwell said. "Some of them don't have the access to get to the VA's. Some are down and out and don't have a place to sleep."

For the two days, they do have somewhere to stay thanks to Placer County Stand Down.

More veterans show up year by year. Murray hopes it can help veterans learn about the more than 40 agencies available to them.

"A lot of guys don't know what services are really, you know, what's going on right now, you know. So that's kind of what this is for," Murray said.

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