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4-Year-Old Injured in Hit-and-Run Crash while Riding Her Bike in Stockton

STOCKTON -- Stockton neighbors say not only was a 4-year-old hit by a van while riding her bike Thursday, but the vehicle pulled her down the street after the impact.

"Next thing you know I come out and the girl is laying the street right here. The bike is there and everybody's outside," said neighbor Joshua Trehan. "The police came. It was a sad sight because it was a little girl, you know?"

The Stockton Police Department released this picture of the van that hit Jenny.

The van's tire marks could be seen after it sped off down the street. Neighbor Patsy Flores said the marks were made when the car took off after hitting 4-year-old Jenny and they weren't just on the road.

"She had a tire mark on her arm and a tire mark on her face," Flores said.

Jenny's relatives said she suffered a fractured skull and while she lost a lot of blood, she's expected to survive.

Police say the hit-and-run happened just after 1 p.m. Thursday on Cleveland Street near California Street, just north of downtown Stockton.

Stockton police are looking for the driver of what they describe as a green or light blue Chevy Astro van. As the police search, neighbors are furious the driver, who they say was going too fast, just took off after the collision.

Trehan told FOX40 that after the crash his daughter will stay inside to play.

"She wanted to play outside, my daughter, and I didn't want to let her play outside," Trehan said. "I'm better safe than sorry. She's safer in the house right now compared to on these streets."