Man Exposes Himself to Child Inside Sacramento Walmart Bathroom

SACRAMENTO -- Thirteen-year-old Nasir Brown was shopping with his mother at the Walmart on Florin Road Tuesday when he went into a bathroom and was accosted by a strange man.

Juanita Mayfield says her son flew out of the bathroom just moments after he had gone inside to use it.

"Eyes all bugging out of his head. Face color drained out of his face," Mayfield said. "He said, 'A man in the bathroom, he just pulled his pants down.'"

Nasir says the man exposed himself to him and, as frightened as he was, he knew to get out quickly.

Mayfield said hoards of uniformed security immediately rushed to the bathroom area and got everyone out. Then, mom and son came face to face with the suspect.

Instead of security detaining the suspects until deputies arrived, Mayfield says security did nothing. Nasir's parents say the lack of action by security infuriated them.

"You're gonna arrest shoplifters for stealing your clothes or your socks," she said. "But you won't arrest him for showing his penis and his butthole to my son and traumatizing him?"

Damien Hewitt, Nasir's father, expects the man to be back.

"I don't think it's the first time that he did it. To me, he's comfortable at this location, because he's constantly going back," Hewitt said. "What's going to happen the next time he gets further?"

A Sacramento County Sheriff's Department spokesman said the suspect returned to the store later that day. Deputies responded and actually contacted him, but didn't arrest him because the crime was considered a misdemeanor and wasn't witnessed by deputies.

He is a known transient.

Detectives will ask Nasir to look at a photo line-up, hoping he can identify the indecent exposer, which would lead to an arrest.