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Davis Community Paints Streets With Pride For Annual Celebration

DAVIS --  In the dark hours of the morning, a bright spectrum of was lighting up the streets of Davis.

Rainbows are filling downtown crosswalks, a hard to miss reminder of the celebration to come this weekend.

"We’ve gotten so many positive events on Facebook. People saying how happy it does make them they’re getting excited for the event Sunday," Tracy Tomasky, Davis Phoenix Coalition

The people with the paint cans are with the Davis Phoenix Coalition -- LGBTQ advocates who in addition to leading education and support programs put on the pride festival.

This paint project was project was Gloria Partida’s idea. She became a LGBTQ activist and helped start the Phoenix Coalition after her son was the victim of a brutal hate crime in 2013.

His injuries so severe, for a long time he was unable to do one of the things he loved most: run. That, Gloria said, inspired the Run Walk for Equality that kicks off Sunday’s pride festival.

"We tell everybody let’s help everybody get it the finish line," Gloria Partida said.

But it’s another former runner that’s inspired this year‘s event.

In 2016 Sage Schmitt ran in the Run Walk for Equality -- in next year the 14-year-old killed theirself after coming out as gender fluid.

Gloria says, Sage’s story is proof, there’s still work to be done.

"The LGBTQ community has a particularly hard time finding mental health support," Partida said.'

Part of that is making sure this weekend’s festival promotes community, understanding, acceptance and of course ...

"Pride. Pride in the Davis community, pride in the LGBTQ community," Christine Boyer said.

"Sunday is going to be such a great event, we encourage people to come out they’re going to be food there’s a run," Tracy Tomansky explained.

The path of rainbows leads right to the event at Central Park.