Lincoln High School Senior Trip Canceled Due to Bus Mishap

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STOCKTON -- Three-hundred eager Stockton students were looking forward to a little of Mickey, Minnie and a whole lot of fun at Disneyland but now, those students and their parents are disappointed after the bus company that was supposed to take the kids cancelled,

Many students at Lincoln High School say the senior trip is an event they had been thinking about since freshman year -- a lot of students also documented their frustration on social media.

Sleepy, smiling and amped up teens snapped photos of themselves three hours before buses were supposed to whisk them away to Disneyland.

“We were all just pretty excited talking about it like what rides we plan on gong and everything," explained senior, Zainab Khambati.

But as the wait in the high school’s gym grew longer, educators were trying to get straight answers.

"The school was constantly contacting the bus company and the bus company kept telling them that 'yeah, we’re on our way, we’re on our way.'” Zainab said.

Their excitement soured into frustration, then ended with the realization Mickey and Minnie would not be a part of their weekend plans.

“My heart dropped. I really couldn’t imagine anything going wrong today," said senior, Julisa Villalobos.

The principal told FOX40 the bus company told them they did not have enough drivers.

"Kind of upset about the whole thing, I mean, I’ve been waiting for this trip since freshman year," Julisa said.

Many students had to save so they could shell out the $355 for this senior trip -- including Zainab, who skipped her senior prom.

"So not being able to go to Disneyland I’m kind of like thinking now was that a bad decision? Should I just have gone to prom instead?” Zainab questioned.

The principal says they will be working throughout the weekend to either reschedule or refund the now let down seniors.

"All planned out and I just had a vision of what, how my day was going to go and this was definitely not part of it." Julisa said.


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