Police Investigate Turlock Teen’s Shooting Death

TURLOCK -- The family of 16-year-old Ismael Guzman has been struggling to come to terms with his shooting death in Turlock this past weekend.

His older sister, Elda Duarte, told FOX40 Ismael was a special education student at Turlock High School. He was a good kid, she says, who liked school.

Friends at the school and in the neighborhood where he lived knew him as "Tata."

"Yeah. That was his nickname because when he was born that was the first name he said. So, ever since that, that became his nickname,"  Duarte said.

Circumstances surrounding Guzman’s death are largely unclear. He was hanging out in the front yard of a friend's home just a few blocks from his own home.

Turlock police have yet to say whether the shooting was accidental or done in malice.

Police did say they served a search warrant and interviewed several witnesses. No arrests have yet been made and investigators have released no suspect information.

"He was just, like, a nice guy," said Guzman's friend Jose Segovia. "He liked music, listening to music and stuff. He was a calm person."

Segovia has known Ismael for about five years. He says the news of his death has impacted their relatively close-knit neighborhood deeply.

"It feels sad seeing one of your friends or hearing about one of your friends getting shot right down your house, around the corner," Segovia said.

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Guzman's family.