California Truck Drivers Trained to Spot Signs of Human Trafficking

SACRAMENTO -- The California Trucking Association has joined a local effort to fight sex trafficking by joining Sacramento Together, a coalition of 30 agencies and community groups that focuses on halting the growing activity.

The CTA sponsors the Truckers Against Trafficking education initiative, which trains truck drivers and truck stop personnel to recognize the tell-tale signs of prostitution and sex slavery so they can report it to authorities.

The CTA says there are more truck drivers who frequent truck stops, gas stations, roadside restaurants and rest stops than law enforcement officers. They are in a better position to recognize suspicious activity and help victims if they are trained.

The CHP is also training its officers because the illicit sex trade is often mobile and truck stops have been areas of high activity.

Local district attorneys say more eyes and ears on the streets increases the reporting of incidents and provides witnesses and information that can more likely lead to successful prosecutions.

The California Trucking Associations represent 1,100 trucking-related companies and the Truckers Against Trafficking program has trained over half a million people nationwide.

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