Lawsuit Claims Murder Suspect’s Relatives were Jailed as Police Searched for Him

SOUTH SACRAMENTO -- A lawsuit claims three women were taken into custody last year as detectives searched for their relative in connection to a double homicide.

On the afternoon of May 11, 2017, teenage brothers Daniel and Sergio Murti were shot and killed on Fruitridge Road.

One suspect was arrested the next day and the search was on for a second suspect, 21-year-old Richard Saterfield.

Now, more than a year later, a new lawsuit says during that search for Saterfield three of his female relatives spent five days in jail for being "accessories to homicide."

"They were not arrested because they did anything illegal, or anything wrong for that matter. They were arrested to entice, or scare, or intimidate," said Attorney Stewart Katz.

Katz says the sheriff's department used "baseless" charges to hold Saterfield's mother, grandmother and half-sister behind bars as they searched for him.

"'We're gonna hold your mother, your grandmother and your sister in custody,' I think hostage really is the right word, 'Until you surrender yourself,'" Katz said.

One day after his relatives were booked into jail, Saterfield surrendered. He remains in jail for murder.

But Katz says his family never should have been involved.

"I've never seen anything like it," Katz said.

The lawsuit claims the family's home and cell phones were searched without warrants and that the women were "extremely upset" by what happened.

"You don't start punishing people who aren't involved and taking people like hostages like that," Katz said. "Come on, that's not American. That's not the way our system works."

Saterfield is still in the Sacramento County Jail. He will be back in court next month.

FOX40 reached out to the sheriff's department and a spokesperson could not comment on a pending lawsuit.

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