Prized, Pregnant Show Goat Stolen from Lodi Family

LODI -- A prized, pregnant show goat in Lodi has been stolen from her 13-year-old owner.

Rose McPhee, surrounded by goats, calls them her family. She started taking care of them almost four years ago, and it all started with her beloved doe, Hot Flash.

Hot Flash quickly became a hit, winning competition and competition and rapidly gaining fame within California's agricultural community.

Because of her prize-winning reputation, Hot Flash is much more valuable than other goats.

But sometime Sunday night into Monday morning, Rose's mother Rita found a hole in their fence and Hot Flash was missing along with another goat, Twix.

"She would always when I call her, she would come up to me and everything and I just ... she was just close to me," Rose told FOX40.

Hot Flash is tagged and has a "D80" tattoo in her left ear and "JJL" in her right ear.

"I mean my stomach just dropped. I mean it was, it’s like you lost a member of your family, I mean, because she is," Rita said.

The McPhees just want Hot Flash back. No questions asked. At the very least, they want the thief to know the doe should be allowed to live.

"My biggest hope is that whoever did take her, she’s not going to the dinner table," Rita said.

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office says 28 goats have been stolen in the last two months. Most of the thefts, investigators say, happen after holes are cut into fences.

"Maybe somebody wants to sell them at auction, for personal reasons, maybe they’re trying to start up their own farm or ranch," Detective Ezequiel Pena said.

Anyone with information about the thefts, of Hot Flash's whereabouts, is asked to contact the sheriff's office.

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