Sacramento Shelter Urges Pet Owners to Use Facial Recognition Software

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento City Animal Shelter is encouraging city residents to use the Finding Rover website and its mobile app to search for lost dogs and cats.

The site uses facial recognition software similar to what’s used in security systems for humans.

Uploading a full frontal face picture of their pet to the site allows it to match pictures in a large database of shelters and animal rescue organizations nationwide.

The site has been around for several years but now has added features.

People who find lost pets can do the same and possibly find the owner. It allows users to plug in where the animal was lost or where it was found so that searches can be fitted to a location. Another feature allows those looking to adopt a dog or cat to upload a picture of a pet they admire and the software will find an animal who looks similar and is up for adoption.

The free service doesn’t replace tried and true methods like microchips, licenses or I.D. tags placed on pets, but it’s an added tool to aid pet owners or would-be pet owners.

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