Gov. Brown Touts Economy, Praises Chipotle at Final Host Breakfast

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SACRAMENTO -- Governor Jerry Brown took to the stage of the 93rd annual Sacramento Host Breakfast to applause from thousands of California business leaders.

In true form, Brown poked fun at the video montage made in his honor.

"It looks more like an obituary than an encomium," he said.

But after the jokes, the governor got to business to talk about the state of California and the highs of the economy.

“We're the fifth largest economy in the world, so there may be a lot of problems but somebody is figuring how to make that $2.7 trillion," Brown told the crowd.

Brown touted the fact that when he took office again in 2010, the state had a $27 billion deficit. Now, California has a $14 billion surplus.

But he also touched on the lows.

"There's drought, climate change, there is congestion, there is roads falling apart, so we have to build for the future," he said.

One of the bigger controversies of Brown's second time as governor was the Gas Tax, which raised gas prices by 12 cents to fix roads. The governor still stands behind that.

"Our roads and bridges were about $60 billion behind in deferred maintenance. If you don't fix the roof, the roof leaks," he said.

Brown also offered advice to the California State University system and made clear what his favorite fast food restaurant is.

"What I like about Chipotle is the limited menu," the governor said. "I think that's the model some of our universities need to follow."

Despite the state's successes and setbacks, Brown closed out with a message of unity.

"We've created this place called California," Brown said. "And it works because we're all in it together."

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