Woman Shot by Teens During Paintball ‘Drive-by’

ORANGEVALE – A woman feared for her life as she saw, what she thought was a rifle being pointed at her from the window of a car as she was about to enter a 99 Cents Only store in Orangevale.

"They rolled down the windows and I saw a rifle pointed at me,” said Teresa Watson.

Fortunately, it was not a real gun however, the attack was just getting started.

"The first one hit me in my head and I was like ‘oh, that hurt but I'm alive,’" said Watson. “I was probably hit like 10 times,” she said.

What Watson saw poking out of the vehicle’s window was a paintball gun.

Watson says the paintball rounds fired from feet away tagged her entire body, eventually leaving bruises.

"It felt like forever because it just kept hitting me and it hurt. I don't know if you've ever been hit by a paintball before but, it hurts. And I was like, ‘God when are they going to stop’?" said Watson.

Watson says it all happened Monday night around 10:30 p.m. as she headed into the 99 Cents Only store on Madison Avenue in Orangevale for her graveyard shift.

While being pelted, Watson says she immediately knew what to protect.

"Covering my face and my head,” Watson said.

Not just as an instinct though.

Watson says, years ago her best friend’s brother was hit in an eye with a paintball and that thought jumped into her mind while being attacked.

"And he lost 75 percent of his vision in his eye because of a paintball,” Watson explained.

Watson says teenaged boys were behind the attack; adding they were in a black SUV and were laughing about what was going on while she was being shot at.

Her plea is with the teens’ moms and dads.

"Where are you? Why are your children running around doing this to people and why do they think it's fun and OK? What is the next step? Are they going to do real shootings, I mean as much as they were enjoying it, that's what I would have to think,” stated Watson.

Watson told FOX40 her work does have security video of what happened and hopes that will help catch who is behind the attack. She says it is the store's policy not to share video with the media.

Along those lines, Sacramento police say there was another paintball attack last Friday in midtown. Police say the suspect’s car in that case was a light-colored sedan; no word if the two cases are connected.

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