Madison Bumgarner at Raley Field

WEST SACRAMENTO -- Madison Bumgarner says what he learned Saturday in Sacramento is that he IS ready to head back to the big leagues.

“I wouldn’t say I’d be back in mid-season form, but I feel definitely good enough to get some outs,” said Bumgarner.

The Giants star pitcher wowed a sold-out Raley Field with 3 2/3 innings of no hits, eight K’s and just one walk.

“It is fun to come play here. I’d rather not. I think they understand that. But it was definitely fun,” Bumgarner said.

This is the second season in a row Bumgarner has been sidelined by significant injury.

“Yep. Season number two with him on the bench to start. So hopefully we’ll do really well for the rest of the season with him back,” said a fan.

Bumgarner fractured his hand and had to have three pins in his pinky after taking a come-back hit in his final spring training game.

A young fan said about Bumgarner, "he’s the ace for the Giants."

He even got a hit in his one appearance at the plate Saturday night. But even after he left, much of the crowd stuck around until the twilights last gleaming.

MadBum was not the only Giant rehabbing in West Sacramento this evening. Hunter Pence is still playing with the River Cats while nursing a sore thumb and trying to work his way back to San Francisco as well.