Man Attacked While Walking Ancil Hoffman Park Trail

CARMICHAEL -- 67-year-old Scott Slotterbeck was violently pushed from behind to the ground, while walking the trail at Ancil Hoffman Park Thursday morning.

He suffered a fractured eye socket, broken wrist, had to get some stitches and even chipped two teeth.

“What the heck? That's crazy.” Michelle Hill of Lincoln said while laughing.

Michelle Masoner of Carmichael said, in a shocked tone, "on the main trail? I walk that alone all the time."

Slotterbeck said he was "just walking along” when suddenly he was “shoved by someone or something [and] ended up hitting the ground on my face."

He is not quite sure if a large-sized man attacked him from behind, or if it was something like a mountain lion.

A park ranger told him it could have possibly been a cougar, which jumped down from a tree limb.

Slotterbeck says he just sensed that he was being watched.

"I didn't see any sketchy people. I walked all over that park. Just those three occasions I thought I felt... nothing I could see,” said Slotterbeck.

The Sheriff's Department confirmed that an investigation into the incident is underway.

News among the tightly knit community, which enjoys these trails at the park in the solitude of nature, found Slotterbeck’s injuries to be disturbing.

Carmichael resident, Tammy Lasich, said “definitely, I probably won't go by myself."

“If you're gonna be alone, keep an eye out," said Hill.

Jacob Apodaca a Folsom resident, added, "if you're walking anywhere, really, you have to be aware of what's going on around you.... can't just be focused on the trail."

Others were out enjoying the trail simply took things in stride.

David Lasich of Carmichael said he was more worried about rattlesnakes.

"Well this is a very safe area usually. So, people shouldn't be too upset. Whoever it is, is not the normal person who visits our park,” said Masoner.

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